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Why do you need a Recruitment Agency?

Not keen to work with a recruitment agency? Had a previous bad experience? Presume you are saving money by recruiting yourself?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to recruitment and different positions require different strategies to ensure you have a pool of the best.

Here are a few points to ponder next time you need to employ:

1. A good recruiter has an extended pool of talent and networks:
  • Recruiters usually have a lower negotiated rate with major job boards and search portals. Therefore, can cast a wider net on a variety of sites, as well as having the option to conduct searches, simultaneously.
  • In addition, candidates register their CVs with agencies for future reference. Often, those candidates are not actively trawling job boards or actively applying to all ads. They are more passive in their search and the agency is well-networked with these skilled professionals, thus able to identify, reach out, and match targeted candidates
2. The recruitment process is, by no means, a quick one. It is time-consuming and tedious; especially when the position is more generalist and can yield up to 200 applications. Using a skilled recruiter, you eliminate:
  • Screening 100s of unsuitable CVs
  • Dealing with inquiries from applicants personally, via email, or telephonically
  • Managing the interview process and administrative duties
  • Negotiating a mutually beneficial remuneration package
  • Providing feedback and regret correspondence to applicants
3. Most recruiters have more industry and market-related knowledge than they are given credit for. A good recruiter will keep up to date with the latest news, developments, and current affairs in the industry for which they are recruiting. Such insight will enable them to guide you through the process, advising you of salary bench-marking, scarce skill shortages, or alternative options to your requirements.

Why work with Lotus HR & Recruitment?

With over 20 years’ experience in a variety of sectors, Lotus HR & Recruitment has in-depth knowledge of trends, skills, and a broad network of database candidates to suit our clients’ needs across Southern Africa.
At Lotus HR & Recruitment, we value relationships and focus on building long term partnerships with both client and candidate.
We work to a strict code of ethics. Therefore, if we recruit for your company, we do not source from your existing staff to place at your competitors.
Our focus is providing top-notch service, at affordable rates and can “unpack” the process to suit our client’s needs and budget.
Let’s chat?
Our database has over 8000 CVs currently listed, many are passive career seekers and industry professionals waiting for that perfect role to meet their goals and aspirations.
We specialize in headhunting; targeting industry specialists or executives to meet and exceed your expectations.

How can we help you?

The Lotus HR & Recruitment team is headed up by a professional, progressive, service and results driven industry expert, who has built her reputation on being able to source the “unicorn”, meaning the ideal candidate, who meets your requirements and criteria every time. In addition, the team at Lotus HR & Recruitment, consists of dynamic and vibrant professionals, with a passion for their respective fields and are collectively focused on being a step above the rest.

We are focused on cost effective and time saving recruitment, in an ever changing market and although many companies are opting to either manage their own recruitment needs or rely on Artificial Intelligence software to filter a pool of candidates. One can never negate the personal touch when dealing with acquiring human capital, to add value to a business. In addition, for the career seeker, when making the decision to actively seek growth and development in a new position, we pride ourselves on being able to provide them with sound advice and industry specific information, as well as career options and available positions to align with their aspiration.

Our rates are competitive and we offer 4 options to suit small, medium and large company budgets and needs. In addition, we have “unpacked” the process and have individual fees for certain aspects of the recruitment process, thus saving on cost and time/productivity of the hiring manager.

We offer a 3 – 6 month guarantee, depending on your requirements and choice of recruitment package.

We manage your ad response effectively, as a separate service and you receive only the top applicants, meeting your requirements.

We partner with professionals to provide assessments and verifications as a stand-alone service, ensuring that you have sourced the most reliable and credible candidate for your company.

Retrenchment and restructuring is an extremely stressful process for both employers and employees and many companies want to assist staff affected by redundancy and retrenchment, due to operational requirements but do not have the time or capacity to do so. Therefore, Lotus HR & Recruitment offers an Outplacement service, which provides former employees structure and guidance towards a new career option, and preserves the morale of those who remain in the Company, who see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave the company.

We have a finger on the pulse of the industries that we work within, therefore, we are able to provide additional information, such as market related salaries, scarce skill reporting and general advice to ensure your company makes informed decisions

We have a national reach and database of candidates, who we network with extensively and can therefore recruit for companies with multiple branches, as well as cross-border reach into Namibia.

We have 7, 14 and 30 day payment options, so chat to us and let’s devise a package that is mutually beneficial.
"Mary de Wet is a fantastic asset for any business. She listens to the requirements of the business and goes out to find the best possible candidate for the position. Mary is honest and communicates with you regularly. She has an exceptional work ethic. I find that she is the perfect partner to HR Managers, and I will always work with her."
HR Manager at HR Consulting Firm
Lotus HR and Recruitment Services
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